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Despite the very complex times we live in and despite the economic crisis that has been in our area for several years now, I believe that successful cooperation between our two companies is an example that could serve many people. By approaching a business that has always been extremely professional but always honest, friendly and extremely correct, I am sure that we have created relationships that guarantee a long and secure future for our cooperation. In addition to the business activities and the success that Economic achieves in the business plan, we in Ivanićplast are extremely appreciated by the active participation of your company in the community and the environment that encourages socially useful work and the upbringing of young generations, and we strive to follow your example.

Vitomir Klasić
general director, Ivanićplast

The first contacts between Economic and Hidroinženjering were accomplished in March 2000. In addition to good commercial conditions, Economic has given us additional support: service, marketing, inventory, etc. In 2005, Hidroinženjering started with the selfless support and gift of the project from Economic, and in 2006 it completed the construction of the Tehno center, near Banjaluka. Economic, along with us, has been involved in all phases, from the choice of suppliers and contractors, to the equipping of the facility and filling the goods. All this is about the size of Economics, the owner and his family, who have the strength and vision to deal with unpredictable times and develop their business by helping other entrepreneurs and companies.

Goran Ivaniš
Director, Hidroinženjering & Economic

Confident, stable, creative partner and importer in the Netherlands and Belgian markets. Through the economic I realize my creativity, which has the effect of creating new models of furniture. Quick designing and offering new models makes us the leader in the market.

Jeroen Rutting
Director, Badkamer, Nizozemska

Economic is one of the small companies in BiH that has systematically organized business. Through his 25th annual business he always had a vision, timed for yesterday, today, tomorrow. Qualified franchises on the domestic market, export and production orientation make the business with Economic a pleasant and quality. Affiliated, safe and long-lasting, variants are good for Business, and we, many years of partners, have had a lot of opportunities to experience it.

Eldin Bajramović
Sales and Marketing Manager, Kolektor LIV

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