Social Responsibility

Strategic commitment Economic is a socially responsible business and is at the root of each organizational unit. No matter what the interested part is doing, the Economic develop the highest standards of social responsibility.

In addition to active participation in the community and non-governmental organizations, Economic also promotes socially beneficial work, sponsorships of cultural and sports associations, contributes to raising awareness of the preservation of a healthy environment and professional scientific gatherings.

Expanding into a recognizable Bosnian-Herzegovinian company, Economic has built up a broad business portfolio that requires a unique business culture that recognizes diversity and creates unity that leads to better motivation, productivity and greater satisfaction of all stakeholders.

Within Economic, continuous training of employees at all levels is carried out through the human resources management segment. In addition to human resources management, Economic has made a step forward and adopted a Code of Conduct enabling its business management.

Bearing in mind the positive global trend and the needs of the local community, Economic has decided to introduce an integrated management system that, in addition to compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 and HACCP specifications, also aligned its business with ISO 14001: 2004 Environmental Management Systems – Requirements with instructions for use. Growth of companies through the launch of their own production and the expansion of their own capacities has also given rise to a serious approach to the environmental protection factor which every new project strives to fully respect.

The Economic goal of becoming a good business citizen, among other things, implies the following:

-Environmental protection,
-Producing and selling products that are in accordance with a healthy way of life,
-Integrated action and monitoring of the highest ethical standards,
– Promote the strength of partnerships with different suppliers and customers,
safe and healthy job security.

Commitment to social responsibility is as strong as the first days when the company is founded. Economic is proud of its progress, but knows it can still do a lot.

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