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ECONOMIC d.o.o. VITEZ is one of the leading Bosnian-based companies. Our success is based on the quality and enthusiasm of our employees. We believe that the success of an organization lies in people and therefore we are expanding our team of young, professional and highly educated staff. In order to continue our successful business, we are strengthening our team with new employees.

Economic d.o.o. Vitez is one of the most recognizable business zones in Bosnia and Herzegovina, PC 96.

Economic d.o.o. Vitez is a successful Bosnian-Herzegovinian corporate brand. The core business of the company is trade in technical goods and installation materials.

We offer our employees an interesting and dynamic work, the possibility of professional development and progress, the possibility of free professional education and further professional training and much more …

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Economic as a modern company strives for business excellence in every respect. In order to achieve both short-term and long-term goals, Economic is oriented towards steady investment in human resources development as one of the key factors for growth and development of company. Special attention is focused on the way of developing, employing and motivating employees to make the best use of the ability to connect knowledge, expertise and practice.

It is worth pointing out the cooperation that Economic has with universities and other educational institutions. For many years, the economy has been trying to provide students with the opportunity to make case studies, volunteering, but also to practice fellowships and scholarships during their studies. All new employees go through a company introduction program to help them with organization, strengthen community, motivation and productivity in the company.

In addition, Economic appears in the social community as a company known for its social engagement, participation in employment fairs, various sponsorships, charitable actions and incentives.

Continuous improvements in human resources are made possible through periodic organizational climate testing, employee satisfaction surveys, and team building programs at company level.

All of this is a sufficient reason why Economic in the social community is recognized as one of the most desirable employers who provide their employees with a comfortable working environment, an opportunity for advancement in the profession, job security and a positive reputation in the business environment.

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