Economic Installer Club

The Economic Installer Club is organized within the Economic Retail Division of the Commercial Business Sector.

Through years of experience in the placement of installation materials and equipment (electro, water and thermostructures), Economic has also created a high quality installer service. We have respectable number of installers who are registered as owners of the benefits of the Club of Economic Installers. Buying Benefits in Economic were all available to our customers through our card, but for our loyal installers we decided to step on and prepare cards
Economic Installer Club. The cardholder, in addition to the special commercial conditions, ensures:

  • work clothes (suits, suits, t-shirts …)
    education, presentations
    visits to our suppliers and fairs
    inclusion in the service network in BiH

Rules of Procedure
Article 1

The Economic Installer Club is organized by Economic d.o.o. Vitez.

Article 2

The club is organized to better connect business partners, suppliers and customers who work with installers, through creating a better quality of service and greater customer satisfaction.

Article 3

Membership in the Club is personally and is not transferable, and any member of the Club may become any person dealing with installation work in the field of electrical installations, plumbing and thermostatics and who accept the rules of this rules.

Article 4

Club Member is entitled to:

regular notification of all Club activities
giving initiative within the Club
participation in all activities of the Club
use Club Benefits

Article 5

Club Member has an obligation to:

respect all Rules of the Ordinance
notify the Club of Changing Personal Data
the information obtained in the Club member status is used solely for the benefit of the Club
manage the club’s loyalty card in a rule-wise manner.

Article 6

The club has the right:

terminate a contract with a member if the rules are violated
use information and data for the purpose of improving the club and business operations.

Klub instalatera kontakt
Nedim Crnkić
+387 30 718 318
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