Custom-made furniture

One of the goals of Economic is to measure customer satisfaction. Business philosophy is based on quality, and wide assortment of goods.

As part of our offer, Economic offers top-of-the-line kitchen elements that you can, to your liking and with free help, combine in the kitchen of your dreams. The kitchen as the central part of every home, the place where the family gathers and meets every day, deserves special attention from the point of view of design and from the point of view of functionality.

The result of such thinking is the kitchen elements that Framini today offers, manufactured to the highest standards and processed using the state of the art technology, with corpses of the highest quality chipboard, solid and high quality joints, and exceptionally high quality MDF fronts.

The Economic Gallery is located on approximately 1600 m2 of the second floor of the Franchise Center of Bosnia and Herzegovina, offering fully decorated kitchens and bathrooms, and rooms with shower, shower and a kitchen. Economic designers will display a 3D view of your future bathroom / kitchen with the required infrastructure in the design program.

For more information please contact Tel. +387 (0) 30 718 412 or

Projektiranje i dizajniranje kontakt
Projektiranje i dizajniranje namještaja po mjeri
+387 30 718 412
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